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NJ Lechnir is author of two self-published books titled Addiction Loss and Recovery, and Leapfrogging Success: 5 Simple Steps to Powerful Presentations and Public Speaking for Nerds, Techies and Introverts. Having struggled with depression, anxiety and suicidal thoughts all his life, and always struggling with intense anxiety of public speaking, he decided to break out of his shell and change all that. In his books, NJ goes deep into his past and describes events that shape who he is today. Working as a successful Learning and Development professional, he is also founder of a revolutionary platform called The LEAPS Method, a 5 step framework that he developed and teaches in learning courses, workshops, books, articles, videos, and personalized coaching to help anxious analytical introverts like himself become powerful speakers and presenters.

June 9, 2021

Healing in the Wake of Addiction

NJ Lechnir joins me to discuss his book, "Addiction, Loss and Recovery: How to Deeply Understand the Mindset of Addictive Behavio…

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