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Santéresa Wilson a NJ native is the CEO of Inspired By U, LLC, empowering people to become a “Whole” better you. She has been a guest speaker at several events in New Jersey, Delaware, and surrounding, sharing her story, and giving people a message of hope and survival. She holds her degree in Divinity from Christian Leaders College and has served in the capacity of a Certified Mentor Volunteer with Prison Fellowship and a Sexual Assault Response Team Volunteer Advocate with the local rape crisis center. Santéresa is a Certified Trauma Recovery Coach using her skills and experience to help those who are stuck to turn their Vision into Reality.
Santéresa has lived life and has gone through being a teen mother, divorce, domestic violence/sexual assault, homelessness, and more. Instead of telling multiple stories of survival, she wrote her debut manual to help get you to emotional freedom., "Releasing My Secret: A 30 Day Devotional to Support Your Healing Process."
Santéresa’s goal in life is to remind people that no matter the delay, they can heal and begin again.

March 24, 2021

Inspired By U

Santéresa shares her story of trauma and healing, her experience reporting rape and going through the justice system, and she dis…

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