Sept. 2, 2020

ASMR Moonlit Forest

ASMR Moonlit Forest
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In this special episode you can adjust your volume, lay down, close your eyes, and join me for a guided healing journey through a beautiful moonlit forest. A circle of ancient trees is waiting to bear witness as the moon graces you with a healing gift of light. Get those tingles!

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Hecate 0:00

Thank you for joining me. I’m Hecate, and this is Finding OK. Today is a special episode. I’ll be your guide for an A.S.M.R. journey. There won’t be any music, please feel free to adjust your volume. If you aren’t familiar with A.S.M.R., it stands for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response, which is a tingling sensation that some people feel in response to certain gentle stimuli, like whispering voices, pages turning, or the sound of fingers being rubbed together. For me, I always think of the feeling I got when a friend played with my hair when I was a child. 


I’d like to invite you to sit, or to lay down somewhere comfortable. Somewhere you feel cozy and safe. Somewhere you can close your eyes and just drift away. Are you comfortable? Close your eyes. Close your eyes. Listen to the sound of my voice. Listen to the sound of my voice. Feel your body in space. Feel the weight of it where it rests. Now squeeze all your muscles, tighten them. Now release the tension. We’re going to do that two more times. Every time you release the tension, you’ll find yourself feeling more and more relaxed. Now tighten your muscles. Good. Now release. Now, one last time squeeze and feel the tension. Now release the tension and settle into an even deeper feeling of comfort. Listen to the sound of my voice and feel yourself drift away with me. Drift away with me. Follow me. Follow me deeper. 


Come with me. Come with me into the forest. Open your mind’s eye and you’ll find yourself deep in the forest amongst the trees. It’s night. The forest is dark but you are safe here. You feel it in the air and all around you. You are safe here. You are welcome. All the sun-soaked animals are curled up and sleeping soundly. Everything is very quiet. The air moving across your skin is invigorating, something about it makes you feel joyous and alive. This night is special. You are expected. The leaves in the trees whisper all around you. Friendly voices. The voices of friends. Look up. Through the trees. The sky through the canopy is a rich, velvet, midnight blue. The moon must be out tonight. The glow that changes the sky from black to blue and reaches the forest floor to light your way tells you the moon must be full. The branches of the trees are so full of leaves and life that you can’t find the moon. You’ll have to find it. 


Walk with me. Walk with me through the forest. Together we’ll seek the moon. Seek the moon. The forest floor is lush with thick grass and mosses. Your feet are bare. Feel the moss under your bare feet. It’s like a benediction. Sacred. You’re not sure where you’re going, but you feel drawn, pulled. You are welcome. You hear the quiet sounds of the night creatures through the trees. Living unseen lives in unseen spaces. The sounds comfort you. There are worlds within worlds. Worlds within worlds. You feel their presence and they feel yours. Beautiful. Comforting. The glow of the moonlight ripples through the branches of the trees as you move through them. You move gently and quietly. Ferns, herbs, saplings, and flowers grow around you in abundance. Fruit trees and bushes heavy with berries. 


You are welcome. The air shifts around you as you draw closer. You peer through the trees and see a clearing bathed in moonlight. You are welcome. You are expected. You feel drawn to the center of the clearing. The moss that carpets the clearing is thick and springy under your bare feet. The trees that form the circle around you are old. You can feel them. Ancient and wise. You can feel them. They are the trees that grew the nuts and acorns that grew all the other trees in the forest. They are old and wise. They have stood here watching. You feel their strength and their power in the air you breathe. Time moves differently to them. All the creatures of the world scurry quickly around them. They are born, live, and die in a sacred cycle of life as the trees stand and witness through the ages. You can smell the earth. Beautiful. 


You think of the roots that grow and stretch and intertwine beneath the soil you are standing on. The trees speak to each other in voices we cannot hear. They share information and stories we haven’t learned how to read yet. Many lifetimes beyond your own these trees will pass from the earth, and before they do they will give their strength, their knowledge, and their energy to the other trees in the forest around them. They will share what they are and live on forever in these woods. They carry within them the energy and knowledge of those can came before. On and on and on. Back and back through time. Before human feet every touched the earth. Time moves differently for them. But this night, under this moon, you feel that they turn their attention to you. 


You are welcome. You are expected. You are here to receive a gift. Look up. The moon is big and bright and full in the sky above you. It glows. See how beautifully it glows. An eye in the sky, surrounded by a halo of blue, yellow, and white light. It lights up the darkness of the night. It mesmerizes. It casts a spell upon everything it looks upon. The stars glimmer in the sky around it. As the stars glitter above you and the moon reaches gentle and healing rays of light down to you, you notice that fireflies are emerging from the depths of the forest as if to attend you, to bear witness. Their warm lights dance and flicker and wink at you like holiday lights from a childhood memory. They are comforting and magical. They move into the clearing and dance around you. A gift for you. Hold out your hands, palms open before you. The light of the moon streams down and bathes you. Drink it in. Let every pore of your skin soak it up. Drink deeply. The moon’s light is cool and soothing. It’s like drinking water and feeling it run down your throat. Drink deeply of the light. You can feel it reaching every part of your body, healing you. 


As the light fills you up you might become aware of heaviness in certain places, pain, or negativity. The trees are standing all around you, glowing blue in the moonlight. You think again of their roots reaching into the ground and you know what to do. You let the negative energy flow out of your body, down into the ground beneath you. Feel the negativity shake loose of its moors inside you and slip away into the earth. You look down and notice tiny little mushrooms are sprouting like midnight flowers. They glow! They glow all around you. They are taking in the negativity and consuming it. They are transforming it. 


Take three deep breathes to help push the negative energy out. As you breathe in you draw more of the moon’s light into you, and as you breathe out you push the negativity out of your body, your heart, and your mind. Breathe in. *inhale* *exhale* *inhale* *exhale* *inhale* *exhale* As you cast off the negative energy that no longer served you, you feel lighter and lighter, but you also feel a little raw. As if cracks have been revealed. Don’t worry, don’t worry. The moon’s light flows into those spaces, it flows over and through the rawness you feel like a soothing balm. Feel the light flowing over you and flowing through you. Drink deeply. Feel your glowing heart blossom like a flower. 


The moon is healing you. The trees are healing you. The mushrooms are healing you. The moss is healing you. The fireflies are healing you. The night is healing you. The stars in the sky are healing you. The forest is healing you. The Earth is healing you. You are healing yourself. Because you deserve to be healed. You are a part of everything around you, and everything around you is a part of you. You are connected. You are deeply, deeply connected. The moon, and the sky, and the stars smile down upon you, and bless you. The ancient trees, the plants, the fireflies, and all the sleeping creatures of the forest bless you. The earth, the moss, the rocks, and the endless intricate networks of fungi and roots reaching through the ground beneath your feet bless you. You are a part of everything around you, and everything around you is a part of you. 


Feel the moon’s light fill and energize every cell in your body. Every cell in your body is glowing with healing, cleansing light. Feel yourself glow with the beauty of it. You are sacred. You have a precious human life. You are sacred. Everything around you hums and tingles with light and beauty. You are deeply connected. Feel the energy and the light in your body. Feel the support and the deep wisdom of the trees around you. Look at the moon, the bright and brilliant moon in a starry night sky. Listen to the sound of my voice. Feel the healing and cleansing energy in your body. It exists within you. You have taken this healing light into every cell of your body and it will always be there for you. Just as the moon is always in the sky its light will always be within you. You will be able to call on it if you have need of it, and every cell in your body will glow. This place will be here within your heart whenever you have need of it. Listen to the sound of my voice. Listen to the sound of my voice. Follow the sound of my voice. Feel your body, cleansed, and energized taking up space around you. Feel your blossoming heart. 


Return to yourself where you began. Listen to the sound of my voice. We are reaching the end of our journey for now. But we will take more. This forest lives within you. You are deeply connected. You are deeply connected. You are sacred. You are loved. You are a creature filled with moonlight. Return more fully to yourself. Breathe deeply and feel the air fill your lungs. Move your fingers. Wiggle them. Wiggle your toes and move your feet. If you are laying down roll over onto your side if you wish. Open your eyes. Stretch. You did it!


Thank you so much for joining me for this special episode. If you’re interested in more ASMR episodes please write in with feedback, listener questions, or episode requests to Let me know if you’re interested in joining me on the show. Finding OK is entirely crowd funded and you are the ones helping me make this happen. Thank you, truly, thank you. A link to the Go Fund Me can be found on the podcast website and I post links routinely on my Facebook page. I also post relevant articles, art, memes, and resources daily. Feel free to friend me. Hecate F. Okay *spells name* You can also find me on Instagram. I have created a private Finding OK Facebook group for survivors. You are welcome there and I hope you’ll join us. If you would like a shout out, please take a minute to rate and review the podcast on whatever platform you use to help the podcast reach more listeners. Thank you so much for your continued support. Please share, subscribe, and donate if you can. Thank you again for listening. This has been Finding OK. Black Lives Matter. Take care of yourself.