July 19, 2022

Letters for the Fire ~ Season 4

Letters for the Fire ~ Season 4

Letters for the Fire is back for Season 4! Thank you to everyone who participated in Season 3's project, and thank you to everyone who reached out with feedback and who let me know I should bring it back in Season 4. I'm so glad that this has been an empowering and beneficial experience for folks! Letters for the Fire is a listener participation project. I am inviting survivors to write a letter to their r*pist or abuser and then send it to me. It is my hope that this will help others with catharsis and closure. I want you to feel heard and to have control over the way that you're heard. Write your letter and email it to podcast.findingok@gmail.com or use the contact form on the podcast website.

In the subject of the email write your instructions:

1. "Read in episode" - this means that I will read your letter aloud in a special episode of Finding OK at the end of Season 3. The deadline for submissions is December 31, 2022. After reading your letter in the episode I will burn it.

2. "Read and burn" - this means that I will read your letter myself. I will not share it in the episode or with any other living soul. I will read your letter so that someone hears you and holds your truth. After reading your letter I will burn it.

3. "Burn unread" - this means I will not read your letter. I will burn it along with the other letters but take care not to read the private words that you have written.

You can send something short if you just want to have something to burn with other listeners. If your letter is longer than three pages or takes more than 10 minutes to read aloud I may not be able to include it in the episode, my apologies. 

All of the letters I receive will be burned together in a small ritual that honors and releases. I may livestream that burning ritual or post a video of it so that people can watch if they wish to. Details on any livestream that happens will be shared on social media and in the podcast beforehand. Following me on social media and listening to the updates during the wrap up of each podcast episode is the best way to stay informed. 

For legal reasons I will be bleeping or omitting last names of abusers if you share them in your "read in episode" letter. I will only use your first name if you include it. You are absolutely allowed to share a letter anonymously! Just let me know in your email that you would like to remain anonymous.

If you include a personal message to me in your letter I promise I will try to respond! This podcast and this project takes a great deal of emotional energy and I already struggle with executive function as a neurodivergent person. I am not great at responding to emails but I read every message and I will do my best to get back to you. Please know that I hear you and I love you.

Please feel free to share this project with anyone you think would be interested. 
Your letter can be whatever you want it to be. Zero judgement. This is for you. Please feel free to reach out with any questions as always.