Dec. 2, 2019

Chie - Part 1

Chie - Part 1

My sister Chie and I talk about what was helpful and supportive after her assault. We discuss her decision to return to college after it happened, the effects of PTSD on her life, how it influenced her thesis work, and what helped her get through it. I share an incident with a PTSD trigger in a meditation workshop, and we discuss the importance of utilizing the Disability Department in school and communicating with professors. 

TW/CW: Sexual Assault, PTSD, abusive teachers, and a conversation about binary gender socialization (no dog whistles - trans women are women and trans men are men).

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Chie has a BA in Somatic Psychology. She is a harpist, Champion Irish Dancer, singer, and practicing Druidic Pagan. She and her partner live in the Midwest where they take beautiful walks in nature and play music together.