May 16, 2020

Chie - Quarantine Support

Chie - Quarantine Support

Join me as I check in with my sister Chie to see how she's doing during quarantine. We talk about some of the ways this situation can be challenging for those who struggle with Eating Disorders, landlord nonsense and moving in the middle of this, grounding exercises to help with dissociative feelings and episodes, and how we're taking care of ourselves at the moment.

TW/CW: Eating Disorders, weight gain, body image, PTSD, sexual assault, dissociative episodes, and chronic illness.

Here are some articles on Quarantine and Eating Disorders:

Chie's picks:

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Chie has a BA in Somatic Psychology. She is a harpist, Champion Irish Dancer, singer, and practicing Druidic Pagan. She and her partner live in the Midwest where they take beautiful walks in nature and play music together.