July 15, 2020

Eliot - Real Human Better

Eliot - Real Human Better
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I had an amazing talk with Eliot, the creator of the Social Permaculture course, "Real Human Better". I learned more about what she's working on and what it has to offer people post-trauma. She also shares some of the personal work she's been doing, and explains the importance of approaching it from a place of curiosity instead of judgement and shame.

TW/CW: Sexual assault, rape, discussions of physical altercations, substance use, violence, critique of religious institutions, systems, colonialism, and geocide. Contains one brief, but graphic description of sexual assault with a secondary TW and assistance skipping ahead if necessary.

Real Human Better

Finding OK - private Facebook group for survivors

Lead to Life

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Online Safety for BLM Supporters

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Sage is the creator of Real Human Better, a Social Permaculture course and community. She loves permaculture, compost, food made with love, deep conversation, horror movies, playing with her dog, gaming, and ITS Bellydance...our dogs are besties.