June 9, 2020

"I Can't Breathe"

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Black Lives Matter.
This episode is 8 minutes and 46 seconds of silence. That is the length of time the police officer had his knee on the back of George Floyd's neck. If you're white, I encourage you to listen to this episode and contemplate how long 8:46 actually is.
This podcast supports the Black Lives Matter protesters across America and the world. End white supremacy. Defund the police.
Below are some resources for funding the movement and for anti-racism self-education. Please donate if you can.

Black Lives Matter

Split a Donation Between 70+ Community Bail Funds, Mutual Aid Funds, and Racial Justice Organizers

74 Bail Funds You can Support Right Now.

Homeless Black Trans Women Fund

List of Resources Supporting the Movement. Petitions to sign. Self-education resources.

Anti-racism resources

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