July 27, 2021

Post-Trauma Kink Shaming and Sexuality

Post-Trauma Kink Shaming and Sexuality

Sage rejoins me for this episode as we laugh and cover some pretty intense subjects. We discuss post-trauma kink shaming, sex, sexuality, and physical responses. We are sexual beings and trauma can affect us all in very different ways! You are valid and however you get down is valid as long as you're not harming others without their consent!

Episode Note:

Bailey Sarian - who we mentioned in the episode

Teeth (2008) - TW for movie and article

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Sage is the creator of Real Human Better, a Social Permaculture course and community. She loves permaculture, compost, food made with love, deep conversation, horror movies, playing with her dog, gaming, and ITS Bellydance...our dogs are besties.