Nov. 22, 2022

Reclaiming Power - Talking Shit With P

Reclaiming Power - Talking Shit With P

Paula Mulamula is the host of the Mental Health podcast, Talk Shit With P where she focuses on real talk and breaking the stigma surrounding mental health issues. Today Paula is breaking her silence and sharing her story of surviving sexual assault and reclaiming her power post-trauma.  She also shares how podcasting helped her find her way out of depression, how faith has re-entered her life and become a part of her healing, and how self-care helps her through the difficult times in life.
Paula is originally from Tanzania, she has traveled and lived all over the world and now makes her home in Atlanta, Georgia where she talks shit and is fabulous.

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Paula Mulamula


Paula Sima Mulamula is the owner and host of Talkshitwithp.

I am a big mental health advocate as I personally battle with depression… Fast Forward to 2020;
when boredom strikes and depression hits, who knew a podcast would be the safe space I
needed?!? And that’s how TSWP was born; a safe space to talk you’re shit and feel HEARD!!
With this podcast I am constantly highlighting my Journey with Mental Health making it a safe space
for people to come on the show and talk shit about whatever shits going on with them... A place we
can connect through conversation, laugh, and learn through some shits!! We also celebrate our
journeys in life with whatever shit we building from scratch & highlighting our authenticity through
advocating for Mental Health.
I believe there’s power in owning your story and someone out there is listening and glad they ain’t
alone in this journey… whether you know it or not, they are grateful that you shared your story. Firm
believer of authenticity and surrounding yourself with authentic people and uplifting your community.
Positive Vibes and Good Energy is the Motto cause its’ never lied, hence why I do this.