Feb. 3, 2021

Restorative Justice - Radical Imagining - Part 1

Restorative Justice - Radical Imagining - Part 1
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Lily Sage and I discuss the ways that our current punitive judicial system fails all of us, especially the marginalized and survivors of sexual assault, and we discuss Restorative Justice as a potential alternative. Lily discusses a paper she wrote before the Me Too movement and how many of the concepts and ideas that were groundbreaking a decade ago are now much more a part of our evolving social consciousness. She shares her personal introduction to Restorative Justice, what it is, what it has to offer, how it challenges us, and some of the issues and obstacles to implementing some form of it in our society.
Land Acknowledgement - Lily is joining us from O'gah'Pog'eh or White Shell Place, occupied Tewa lands otherwise known as Santa Fe, NM. Hecate is living on Wappinger, and Munsee Lenape occupied lands on the East Coast.

Tw/Cw: sexual assault, rape, trauma, violence, suicide, the justice system, police, systemic oppression, racism, eugenics, ableism, generational trauma, addiction, substances, and the pandemic.

Video on the Santa Fe Obelisk
Legal Aid for the SF Obelisk 5 - You can help!
Petition for clemency for the SF Obelisk 5 - You can help!

Kay Pranis - Living Justice Press

Angela Davis
Abolitionist Toolkit from Critical Resistance - Founded by Angela Davis

Adrienne Maree Brown

Girls Town Movie trailer

Philly's Pissed - (no longer active)
Philly Survivor Support Collective (Philly's Pissed directs you here)
Philly Stands Up (created after Philly's Pissed)

Sex Offender Rehabilitation
Sex Offender Rehabilitation Center - I just found this and can't speak to it in any way...but it looks very promising and has been around since the 80's. Check it out if you have the spoons, it's very interesting. This looks like a group that's been doing the work we talk about in the episode as being needed.
I couldn't find any articles I was happy with about the sex offender tent camps, but if you have access to the show "Our America with Lisa Ling" there's an excellent episode on

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Lily Sage

Lily Sage is a Montessori school teacher focused on incorporating decolonization methods in the classroom, a wilderness guide and teacher, a Doula, Herbalist, Artist, Performer, and a sweetheart.