Jan. 3, 2023

The Recloseted Lesbian - Processing Trauma Through Art and Storytelling

The Recloseted Lesbian - Processing Trauma Through Art and Storytelling
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Obelis is a Lithuanian Fantasy and LGBTQ+ comic artist. Her work includes War & Tea, Meow Are You?, and The Recloseted Lesbian. Obelis tried to come out as a lesbian but was forced back into the closet by her ultra-religious, homophobic, and abusive mother. In The Recloseted Lesbian she deconstructs and processes memories from her abusive childhood. It has been read by over 21 million people on Webtoon. As she does her own trauma work she is helping survivors feel less alone.

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Obelis is a Lithuanian Fantasy and LGBTQ+ comic artist and author. Her work includes Meow Are You?, War and Tea, and The Recloseted Lesbian.