March 17, 2021

The Way We Judge Ourselves In Quarantine

The Way We Judge Ourselves In Quarantine

Eliot returns to the show to chat with me about various ways that the pandemic is affecting us. While chatting the other day we discovered each of us was putting the other up on a pedestal as a person who had been "productive" during the pandemic, and then devaluing our own accomplishments. We talk about video games, virtual community, social issues, mental health, productivity, neurodivergence, burnout, self-care, art school, sleep hygiene, and valuing yourself and your unique contributions. Laughs and F-bombs ahoy!
Artwork used in cover by Eliot!

Tw/Cw: Depression, anxiety, trauma, addiction, substances, Covid-19, and the pandemic

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Flux - Computer lighting control to improve health/sleep
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