Jan. 17, 2023

Self-Care and Emotional Regulation

Self-Care and Emotional Regulation

My sister Chie joins me to talk about our evolving understanding of self-care and emotional regulation. We are both survivors navigating life and CPTSD. I hope you'll join us for some laughter and real talk.
Chie  has a BA in Somatic Psychology. She is a harpist, Championship Irish Dancer, and singer. She and her partner live in the Midwest with their two puppies.

Internal Family Systems Therapy

Spoon Theory

Assertive Communication - DBT "Dear Man"

Curable App - Chronic Pain App (Chie recommends)

TED Talk - Music and the Brain

I Sing the Body Electric, Especially When My Power's Out - Andrea Gibson

The Fred Pinto Podcast
How can we better harness human ingenuity toward living the good life?

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Shame Spiral: a comedy podcast about shame! Because NO ONE roasts you harder than yourself
Psychotherapist-turned- comedian Ely Kreimendahl & guests reveal their worst shame stories

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Chie has a BA in Somatic Psychology. She is a harpist, Champion Irish Dancer, singer, and practicing Druidic Pagan. She and her partner live in the Midwest where they take beautiful walks in nature and play music together.